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This past year has been quite the experience. We started production on The Ukrainian Pulse, met many wonderful people and even won a Telly Award. It's been a fun ride.

"The Ukrainian Pulse" is a variety show. Although, it is not a news program, that is not what it is intended to be. The show will feature people, issues and events relevant to the Ukrainian community in America. "The Ukrainian Pulse" will be a source of information to hopefully educate people, whether they are Ukrainian or not, in an entertaining fashion about Ukrainian culture and traditions as well as contemporary life.

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Ukrainian Pulse Wins 2nd Telly Award!

It was rather a pleasant surprise to find out that our very first episode of The Ukrainian Pulse won a Telly Award. Being the first at anything is usually a rough voyage of discovery, but being recognized by your peers for your efforts is certainly worth it.

Our first segment in the first episode contained an interview with Damian Kolodiy. Mr Kolodiy is a Ukrainian filmmaker that brought the ordeals, tragedies and success of the Euro-Maidan to the world's attention in his film, "Freedom or Death". The film is a powerful experience that should be seen or made part of a college curriculum. Kolodiy's interview dealt with his experiences on the Maidan and how his film was made. The trailer of his film follows the interview.

The second segment has the Select Choir of Assumption Catholic Church explain the song "Plyve Kacha" as well as deliver a moving performance. Hearing the song once it's been explained may bring a tear to the eye.

The last segment is a visit to the New Ukrainian Wave of Passaic. They are a charity whose work goes to help alleviate the suffering and deprivations of the violence and bloodshed in eastern Ukraine.

If you wish to see this episode of The Ukrainian Pulse, click on the video link above.

Episode 0102

Episode 0102 of The Ukrainian Pulse is a visit to the Ukrainian Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Whippany New Jersey. We meet with Myron and Teodor who gave us their backstory and a tour of the many interesting and historic exhibits. There were also a number of surprises along the way. Check it out. Click the video link to the right. Enjoy.

Telly Award Winner: The Art of Making Pysanky

Episode 0103

Episode 0103 of The Ukrainian Pulse is a visit to Warchola's Holiday Design in Clifton, NJ. Here, in this artist's studio we learn about Pysanky. That is Ukrainian decorative eggs. We learn about the culture, the tradition and the history of Pysanky. More importantly, we get to learn how to make one!  Check it out. Click the video link to the right. Enjoy.

Episode 0104

Episode 0104 is about the 4th annual Ukrainian Heritage Day hosted by the New Jersey Devils. As far as hosts go, the New Jersey Devils were certainly wonderful. Many good and fun things were happening that day. Check it out here by clicking on the link to the right. Enjoy!

Episode 0105

Episode 0105 is about Ukrainian Festivals. The St George Street Ukrainian Festival in New York City starts off the festival season in the spring and has certainly set the bar on food, crafts, entertainment and fellowship. Not to be out done, the Whipping Ukrainian Festival closes out the season in the Fall with sights, sounds and tastes rivaling any other festival. It's an excellent primer of what to expect. Check it out and plan your Ukrainian Festival season!

Episode 0106

Episode 0106 is about the new film series called "Where Does Ukraine Live". Created by Nataliya Godzhick and Stanislav Tkachov, the series examines the remarkable lives of everyday Ukrainians. This program covers the American debut of their series. Check it out.

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