Recitals and Performances
The Artistry of the Moment


Whether the performance is dance or music, we can help to preserve the artistry of the moment for you to review and share. All it takes to find out how is an email. Your one click away. 

Link to samples: Recital, Performance

Documenting Events and Promoting Programs.


Whether you're R&D, Development and Sales or the Roll-Out Team, it's a global market place. Due to distance, time zone or schedule, not everyone on the team may be able to view a meeting or semnar as it occurs. But they can review it at their convenience to stay current on changes and advances. We can help. Find out how, it's an email away.

Samples: Meeting 1, Meeting 2, Presentation/Seminar


Our body of work has ranged from government, corporate and event video. Whether it's a meeting, a research team presentation, a marketing video or even a wedding, we can do it.





You don't have to be a major sports franchise to get a video of your game. At an affordable price, one high definition camera can follow the action on game day. With some editing and graphics, you get a dvd of your team in action.

Includes but not limited to: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball


Promoting Product


You have a product or a service that needs promoting in your market. We can help with educating and demonstrating what your product is and what it can do. Our consultations are free, confidential and best of all no obligation.

Samples: Interview, Promotional 1, Promotional 2